Build On Your Land

Let's Build On Your Land (BOYL) with Bella Homes

Imagine, for a moment, that great piece of land you own; it sits in the perfect location for you and your family and is in the prime location to deliver a great Return on Investment with a new home on it. Now imagine a beautiful brand-new home on that property brought to life by Bella Homes.  With Bella Homes, you’ll have a dedicated team of professionals who will handle this endeavor with you, guiding you through the design, permitting, construction, and financing of your dream home.

You will enjoy Bella Homes renowned craftsmanship, the flexibility to modify your perfect floor plan and personalize for your family’s enjoyment, as well as the ability to choose from countless selections and customizations to make your new home uniquely yours.

Bella Homes provides:

  • Guidance To Obtain Construction Loan
     – No money down, instead you can use the land as equity for a construction loan on building your new home.
  • Specialized Custom Home
    – Choose one of our current designs or customize your own “one-of-a-kind” masterpiece. Our Architectural and Design Team will help you design the home to fit your own specific style and needs, so that it blends seamlessly with your family, lifestyle, and vision.
  • Various Floor Plans
    – No matter your intention is to build a large or modest sized new home, Bella Home Design will work with you to maximize your space to get everything you could ever dream of, whether that may be an extra-large master bedroom, a laundry room on the second floor, a home office, or a mother-in-law suite above the garage.
  • BOYL Experts
    – Bella Homes offers the knowledge, skills, and custom construction experience to build the home of your dreams.  Bella Homes will not only be your builder, but also a consultant throughout the design, permitting, site work, construction, and financing process.
  • Cost Effective
    – Bella Homes commands a volume of discounts from our vendors and passes the savings on to you. Furthermore, we only work with trusted licensed and insured subcontractors that are familiar with crafting our home designs. As a result, this eliminates costly mistakes, problems, and delays.
  • High Quality Products & Quality Assurance
    – Completely customizing your new home from the start will dramatically reduce the chance of substandard quality. Bella Homes excels in delivering not only an exquisitely unique home of your choice, but also a personalized approach to deliver exceptional communication with our clients every step of the way.